Pool Safety Nets

Do you need pool safety? We offer high-quality durable pool nets that cover the whole swimming area to provide maximum protection.

Pool Safety Nets, West Palm Beach, FL

Pool safety nets have a simple function: to keep unattended children out of pool water without parental supervision. The pool safety net makes it easy for parents to protect their kids from harm, and prevent pool accidents from happening even when they're not able to be watching them.

How do they work?

Kid Safe Pool Nets provide a measure of safety for pool owners and their small children. When in place, this net will stretch tight across the width of your swimming area to suspend an infant or toddler above water while underwater-oriented activities such as floating toys are enjoyed.


The Central Tensioning System enables you to remove these nets without having them cut from anchors when it’s time to take down the device; simply release all tension before unhooking any ropes that attach between each corner point around 15' x 30'. In less than 10 minutes (on average), users have completed both tasks: completely removing.


Pool Safety is a common Topic

Pool owners who have children frequently consider ways that pool safety can be improved. They may bring up the idea of pool safety nets over a dinner party conversation or at a neighborhood barbecue - not as an order but simply as a way of observing how pool owners with young children have had success in keeping their kids safe around pools.

People frequently do this because they consider pool safety important, and a topic worth talking about is one worth researching and learning more about. Parents love their children and pool safety nets are a way they can keep pool accidents from happening even when they're not able to be watching them.


Netting can come in different mesh sizes, colors, or uses - depending on pool owners' preferences. There are pool safety nets that are specifically designed for children, which have a larger mesh size than pool safety nets for adults. Mesh is important because the right mesh size creates an effective pool filter.


Mesh that's too tight will impede water flow into the pool; mesh that's too large will allow kids to swim through it rather than get trapped by it.

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Pool Net Features


A pool safety net with the right mesh size will create a pool barrier that children won't be able to swim through, but small objects like pool toys or pool rings would get trapped by it.


There are also pool safety nets designed for adults that have smaller mesh sizes. These are used primarily in public settings where there are pools set aside for adult swimming only - either at work, in hotels, or in community centers.


Mesh is generally more tightly woven with pool safety nets meant for adults because they're not meant to trap water toys or pool equipment; they're simply meant to keep people out of the pool without proper supervision.


Pool owners who have kids should look into pool safety nets for their homes. There are several different brands and pool safety net styles to choose from, but pool nets aren't necessarily pool equipment. That's why pool owners can look at different pool safety options and consider all their options before making a final decision.


If pool owners want to make sure that pool accidents never happen, they should talk to pool supply stores or retailers about pool safety nets for their homes. These structured barriers are an effective way of keeping kids safe while also keeping your pool functional.

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