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Pool Self Closing Gates West Palm Beach, FL

If pool fences are required in all homes with residential swimming pools throughout Wellington, palm beach gardens, and Boynton along with West Palm Beach FL like the rest of Florida; then it is important to make sure that safety gates are installed correctly. The purpose for this type of fencing should be preventing children from falling into dangerous areas near edges where they may get injured or killed if something goes wrong while using these facilities which can lead on some level as well--to fatality accidents both preventable & unpreventable.


A pool safety fence is only useful if it has gates that can be opened or overcome by children. You might have the best baby barriers for pools, but a bad gate will make them useless. That's why Pool Fence Pros also install both types of barriers with our customers in mind - so they're guaranteed to work 24/7 protection throughout your child’s lifetime!


Why are Pool Safety Self-closing Gates Necessary?

Self-closing gates are the best option for ensuring you're poolside is safe. These automatic, self-catching devices will close on their own and you don't have to do anything! If someone opens it up but forgets to shut it again before getting in themselves at risk of falling into water or worse - drowning.


You can't be everywhere at once, but that doesn’t mean your family should have to put their safety in jeopardy when swimming. It's important for you and other loved ones around the pool area to be protected by fence gates equipped with automatic locking systems or sensors so no one goes through them accidentally while trying to close out after an afternoon of fun! The professionals over here at Pool Fence West Palm Beach will help make sure everything is properly installed according to code requirements

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What Does the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act Require?

The Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act was passed in 2000. This law made it mandatory for residential pools to have safety features like automatic gates, fences, and coping surfaces that would not allow children under age 14 without supervision. The passage of this act can be attributed mainly due to an alarming number of deaths caused by submersion within the state- high among all US states with regards to fatality rates from such actions taking place at home or near one’s own property rather than publicly owned swimming facilities.

Pool safety is a paramount concern for homeowners with swimming pools. Every house owner must follow the many rules to avoid being charged as a misdemeanor of the second degree, which entails jail time and fines--unless they attend drowning prevention programs or have purchased some other products that will exempt them from following these terms in court!


One of the rules of this law says that safety gates for pools must be self-closing and latched on the side away from children. If someone forgets to close their door after use, then it won't stay open allowing kids access into an unmonitored area where they could get hurt by knowing when you should monitor your child's activity around water can help make sure everything goes smoothly in any situation!


The pool fence gate should only open towards the outside so that children pushing against it will not cause any damage. To ensure this, professional Pool Fence installation west palm beach has made sure their product complies with all of these conditions to keep your kids safe around our pools!


What Features Should Safety Gates for Pools Have

The Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act in Florida is very demanding when it comes to safety gates. You have to make sure that your gate meets all the requirements of what a suitable one should be before buying one, because if not then you could get into trouble with this law and other problems too!

  • The gate should always remain on the inside of your pool. That way, it will be impossible for a child to reach and unlock from outside of their enclosure area - but an adult can easily get over it with no problem!


  • The gate should close and lock itself. When the latch is in place, it will automatically do so with no help from you!


  • The gate should open outwards. Kids will not usually try to pull a door; they have the innate tendency of pushing against something that is closed in order for it then become easier and more accessible with their little hands so as one child crashes into this obstruction, others may follow suit which has unfortunate consequences if no adult pays attention.


  • The height of the latch in safety gates for pools should be 54 inches or more to make sure that children are unable to open them by mistake.

Pool safety fence west palm beach is committed to producing durable, high-quality products. We incorporate these features into all of our fences and make them strong enough for any pool environment with a variety of styles available!

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